Learn to Make Money with Your Phone Photography

Discover the tricks behind using your photography skills to make money with your phone, no matter where you go in the world.

Nowadays, there’s an opportunity for people around the world to make money anywhere they go. The answer is in the phone in your pocket that you carry with you. There are more opportunities than ever before to make money with your phone. At Shutterstock, we’ve developed our mobile apps for iOS and Android with that thought in mind. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to earn money on the go.

So you want to know how to make money with your phone?

When you’re creating content, you should be getting paid. There are tons of different ways that creatives can go about this. What’s more, every place you go is a potential opportunity to earn money. As phone technology gets better and better, phone cameras continue to enhance as well. Several have the power to take better photographs than many DSLRs out there.

Are you a Google Pixel user? Here are some tips on using that phone for photography.

That’s why we’re sharing a few tips on how to make money with your phone when you’re on-the-go. Whether you are a photographer or videographer who already takes photographs on your phone, or are simply interested in starting to make money with your phone, use these tips to start monetizing your mobile shots.

4 Key Tips on Making Money with Your Phone
Tip #1: Download the Shutterstock Contributor App

We know how quickly those memories on phones can fill up. That’s why we offer an on-the-go solution for uploading your images to Shutterstock. Shutterstock Contributors can use our app for iOS or app for Android to upload images from anywhere there’s phone signal. Never miss an opportunity to upload new content.

Life gets busy. So, you may forget about all the incredible images you have on your phone by the time you get home to your laptop. Instead, take images on the go and upload directly to the app. You’ll never walk by a beautiful tree without taking a snap again.

Not a contributor yet? Click here to sign up (you can also do this on the app).

Tip #2: Get model and property releases on your phone

Download our model and property releases in advance, so you never miss an opportunity to shoot. Getting started on making money with your phone starts with making sure all logistics are in place. If you have your model and property releases handy, anything has the potential to become a photoshoot. Whether it’s a surprise meet-up with a friend for coffee that turns out to be a gorgeous shoot opportunity, or an epic sunset you don’t want to miss, don’t let moments pass you by.

For a great how-to on model and property releases, click here.

Tip #3: Before you go somewhere new, check out the Shot List

If you’re getting ready to travel somewhere, or experiencing a new place you’ve never been before, consider checking out the Shot List before planning your trip. The Shot List is a data-driven resource on what customers on Shutterstock are searching for (and purchasing). This is the ultimate resource for finding out what you should be shooting next.

Don’t miss the chance to capture something that you may have access to. That something can put you a step ahead of the rest and earn you money.

Tip #4: Optimize your workflow (and editing)

Use your phone’s favorites or albums settings to save and organize your phone images into groups for you to upload. By doing this, you set the images that you love apart from your regular phone images. This will make it a lot easier to upload when you’re ready and on wifi.

Editing on your phone can be easy, too. Just ensure that the platform that you use allows you to export in high-resolution quality. Apps such as Snapseed or Adobe’s Photoshop app allow you to export without sacrificing the quality of your image.

We hope these tips on how to make money with your phone help you monetize your creative workflow. Every place, every story, is the opportunity to create something new. It’s something that a customer may not have seen before. Use the handiest device you have on you, your phone, to capture and sell moments that tell stories. Never let an opportunity pass you by again. We can’t wait to see what you shoot, upload, and earn money with next.

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