Melodic House Producer A.M.R Unveils Touching Sophomore Album, ‘Familiar Faces’

Following the release of singles “Got A Feeling,” “Lacuna” with Kymira, and “Mirrorball” with Fractures, multi-disciplinary artist A.M.R returns to Monstercat Silk today with his sophomore album, ‘Familiar Faces.’

The album delivers a delightful array of meaningful records bound to touch listeners’ hearts. As each track unfolded organically in the production process, they collectively embodied a central theme – a reflection on human connections and loved ones.

Aptly titled ‘Familiar Faces,’ A.M.R honed in on inspiration from the precious pillars in life that bring him the most meaning – his beloved wife, adored family, and treasured friends. Within the package, “Little Stars” serves as a heartfelt tribute to his family and cherished childhood memories. “Mirrorball” holds the most meaning to A.M.R, echoing the joy etched deeply in his heart from a day at the beach with his wife. “Midnight at Casa 24” and “Sakura” depict special moments shared with his close circle of friends, lending an emotional depth to the album’s theme.

A.M.R shares, “Most of the tracks on this album naturally aligned with the album’s theme without any intention at all, and the title just made sense to me after taking a step back to understand and reflect on what this album really meant when put together. I couldn’t be happier with the way ‘Familiar Faces’ turned out, and I hope fans will share that excitement too when they hear it.”

Putting A.M.R’s impeccable stylings on full display, ‘Familiar Faces’ spotlights a variety of his production with tracks ranging from downtempo, orchestral, and 4/4. The album allowed A.M.R to push his own musical boundaries and explore new ideas, welcoming a new chapter of his artistry. It taught him to be more adventurous while composing, working with poetry for the first time in “I Hear You.” Normally using Kontakt instruments to craft string sections, which has played a pivotal role in A.M.R’s signature sound, he added the Prophet 6 to the core sound for the package, heard on tracks like “Holding On Is Human,” where it was used to support the lead in the pad swells.

Fused with raw vulnerability, “Holding On Is Human” stands as one of the package’s most profoundly moving records. Julia Church’s vocals convey the pain of drifting apart, yet A.M.R paints a glimmer of hope through the uplifting chords. Ultimately, the song’s meaning reminds listeners that in the aftermath of parting ways with someone, time has the power to heal even the most heart-wrenching emotional wounds.

A.M.R’s skillsets in production and composing have hailed him as an authority in the organic and melodic house circuit, also standing as a passionate ambassador of an under-represented part of the globe in electronic music in Qatar. With an expansive catalogue characterized by entrancing, emotive, and eloquent messages that resonate deep within the soul, A.M.R’s music constructs an unparalleled bond with his audience.

He has garnered outstanding support from SiriusXM Chill (with “Lacuna” and “Mirrorball” on heavy rotation), Apple Music and Spotify (a recognized force in the Chill House genre), and in the #1 app for meditation and sleep, Calm. With a coveted sync on Monstercat Silk’s in-game Rocket League playlist, and takeover on Monstercat Silk Showcase earlier this year, he’s further established himself as a Silk favourite. Beyond label boundaries, he’s drawn the likes from trance tastemakers Armin van Buuren, Gabriel & Dresden, and Above & Beyond, who welcomed him as guest on their radio show, Group Therapy.

A.M.R’s effortless rise in the scene is a testament to his exceptional talent and dedication to compelling artistry. This next chapter will continue to elevate his trajectory toward new lengths of creativity in upcoming music and live shows to be announced soon.

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