Mix Of The Week: Barker

Step into the sonic realm of T.H.E – Podcasts, where this week’s spotlight shines on Barker, the artist who’s blending a legacy of classical mastery with the kinetic energy of Tech House.

With saxophone in hand and a wealth of musical knowledge, Barker crafts a mix that’s as enigmatic as it is energetic.

Barker’s mix is a labyrinth of “ID” tracks, each a mysterious journey through the depths of Tech House, starting from the very first second. As the mix unfolds, you’re not just listening to a set; you’re part of a narrative that Barker weaves with every beat and bassline. The “ID – Barker Remix” at 14:02 stands out as a bold reinterpretation, flaunting his ability to reimagine and revolutionize.

From the upbringing of a pianist mother to the influence of jazz’s spontaneity, Barker’s mix is a dance floor odyssey for both the uninitiated and the veteran raver. Tune in, get moving, and feel the heartbeat of house music as Barker takes the stage on T.H.E – Podcasts.

Catch the beat and the story with Barker – it’s not just a mix; it’s an experience.

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