Pagano Unveils 3-Track “SCOOP” EP

One of Italy’s most enduring and impressive artists – Pagano – is back on the musical map with his new 3-track EP, “SCOOP”.

The latest offering follows in the wake of his chart-dominating single “Panta Rhei”, which initially graced Tronic’s esteemed Rockets VA series and garnered so much widespread acclaim to be subsequently released as a single. With the “SCOOP” EP, Pagano delivers three peak time masterpieces, each distinct in style yet echoing his signature sonic imprint. “SCOOP” EP out now and available to stream across all platforms via TRONIC.

Taking the lead with “SCOOP”, Pagano masterfully orchestrates the ambiance of the track, grounding it with a fervent tempo that captivates every listener. “SCOOP” channels the organ sound characteristic of classic House anthems, yet seamlessly reimagined with a modern Techno flair. Further adding depth to the EP, “Zelig” and “Dichotomy” mirror Pagano’s signature style, featuring a perfect blend of strong grooves and sharp stabs. With artful percussion and a seductive melody, Pagano beckons listeners to the dance floor. Infused with a distinct Techno essence, these productions promise to ignite the atmosphere in any setting.

Acclaimed for its unyielding presence atop the charts, Christian Smith’s TRONIC yet again offers an impeccable stage for Pagano’s sonic artistry. “SCOOP” gains added luster as it succeeds “Panta Rhei” — a production championed by industry luminaries and elegantly reinterpreted by maestros including Christian Smith himself, and New York’s Agent Orange DJ.

Pagano’s proclivity for intertwining facets from diverse sub-genres crafts tracks that echo profoundly with listeners. With the “SCOOP” EP, Pagano stands on the precipice of enrapturing audiences anew, further solidifying his stature as a masterful and multifaceted composer in the electronic music realm.


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