Top 10 Martha Wash Songs

Our Top 10 Martha Wash Songs list looks at a legendary singer who captivated listeners for decades. Known for her powerful voice, she dominated the music industry. Martha Wash rose to fame as a member of the Weather Girls. Their biggest hit was “It’s Raining Men.” The single brought them to mainstream status. Martha Wash branched out as a solo artist and achieved more fame. The singer recorded 12 number-one singles as a solo artist. Her success in music earned her the title of the “Queen of Clubland.” She appeared in hit songs in the 90s but didn’t receive credit for them. Martha Wash stood her ground and won the right to receive credit for her vocals. Her stance helped open the doors for other artists to receive credit for their vocals. The singer’s music crossed many genres. Her contributions to the music industry secured her role as a true icon of music. Martha Wash’s hit singles include “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now),” “Catch the Light,” “I Don’t Know Anybody Else,” “Everybody Everybody,” “Strike It Up,” “Carry On,” and “Give It to You,”

Martha Elaine Wash was born on December 28, 1953. After she graduated high school, she joined a gospel group called NOW. The group included Izora Rhodes. Martha Wash and Izora Rhodes formed Two Tons O’ Fun and the Weather Girls. As Two Tons O’ Fun, they sang backing vocals for Sylvester. Martha Wash and Izora Rhodes gained success as a duo. When the Weather Girls disbanded, Martha Wash pursued a solo career. She worked as a session vocalist. The singer worked with C+C Music Factory, Seduction, Black Box, Tony Moran, Todd Terry, and Aretha Franklin.

Martha Wash released her eponymous debut solo album in February 1993. It includes the singles “Carry On,” “Give it to You,” “Runaround,” “So Whatcha Gonna Do,” and “Now That You’re Gone.” Something Good premiered in January 2013. It features the singles “I’ve Got You,” “It’s My Time,” and “I’m Not Coming Down.” Her third album, Love & Conflict, debuted in January 2020. The album features the single “Like Fire.” Throughout the years, Martha Wash appeared in singles and recorded non-album songs.

Martha Wash is a force in the music industry. She takes you to church with her electrifying performances and belting ability. Her vocals are unforgettable. Once you hear her voice, there’s no mistaking her talent. Whether you are a longtime fan or discovering her music, this list entertains you with her powerhouse music. Stroll down memory lane with our Top 10 Martha Wash Songs list.

# 10 – Leave a Light On

The 10th song on our Top 10 Martha Wash Songs list is “Leave a Light On.” It appears on her eponymous album. The single debuted in 1993. This song is about a woman wanting to reconnect with her partner after a breakup. She talks about memories that have stayed with her despite the breakup. These memories remind her of their connection. She remembers his sweet voice and the impact he had on her life. She wants to leave a light on. The light symbolizes the hope that their love still exists.

This heartbreaking track explores lost love and hope. She longs for a reconnection with her lover. This song is a reminder of how powerful love is when you lose it. “Leave a Light On” relates to anyone wanting a second chance at love. We hope our relationship lasts a lifetime. The emotional song begins with a haunting piano intro. This song intensifies after the intro. It turns into a club banger. The music caters to her big voice. Martha Wash’s expressive vocals convey a sense of vulnerability. She makes you believe she misses the love of her life. Her voice is remarkable. This song showcases her immense talent as a singer. Her pacing is impeccable. She knows when to belt and when to hold back. We picked this song because Martha Wash’s vocals blow your mind, and the music gets you on the dance floor.

# 9 – Listen to the People

“Listen to the People” is the ninth song on our Top 10 Martha Wash Songs list. The non-album single premiered in 2000. This inspirational song is about working together to create a better world for everyone. She encourages listeners to stand up for their beliefs and make their voices heard. Fighting for justice and equality means everything to her.

“Listen to the People” encourages listeners to stand up for themselves. The anthemic lyrics motivate people to fight for their rights. This song means something because Martha Wash fought for her right to receive credit for her vocals. The poignant lyrics are inspirational for anyone wanting justice for something. Fighting for what you believe in is relevant today. It features a 2000 classic club beat that sounds fresh decades later. If you love club music, this won’t disappoint you. The electrifying music hypnotizes you. It makes you want to dance. She vocally delivers on this track. Martha Wash proves her voice works for dance songs. We chose this song because the message is relevant today, and she nails the vocals like a professional.

# 8 – Carry On

“Carry On” is the eighth song on our Top 10 Martha Wash Songs list. It appears on Martha Wash’s eponymous album. The song premiered in January 1992. This song is about facing adversity. She faces pressures and challenges, but determination keeps her going. The singer fights for what she believes is right. Her mother’s advice stays in her head. She advised her never to give up. Martha Wash is determined to stay strong no matter how hard things get.

This uplifting song talks about perseverance. It inspires listeners not to give up no matter how difficult things seem. This anthemic song helps people struggling with adversity. The song is a sign of hope that things get better in time. It begins with a slow piano intro before building into an up-tempo track. When the song opens, you hear her soulful vocals. Once the beat picks up, her booming voice soars. Her voice is full of empathy. She sings with an intensity that uplifts listeners. Martha Wash’s vocals convince listeners that bad times don’t last forever. She never misses a beat in the song. This dance-floor jam remains a classic. The unforgettable beat and brilliant vocals stay in your head.

# 7 – Runaround

The seventh song on our list is “Runaround.” It appears on her eponymous album. This single debuted in 1993. It’s about a woman who wants fun in her life. She’s ready to let her hair down and party. The singer lets go of her inhibitions and appreciates life.

“Runaround” teaches listeners to have fun in their lives. The playful song gets listeners on the dance floor. With everything going on in the world, we need fun in our lives. This fun song is what we need to let go of our inhibitions. The bouncy beat puts a smile on your face. It features a classic 90s dance beat. The beat gets the party started. Martha Wash’s captivating vocals command your attention. She makes you fall in love with her voice. The novelty song is about partying, but her vocals are exceptional.

# 6 – Come

“Come” appears on the compilation album, The Collection. It hit the shelves in 1998. The song talks about giving in to your desires. She invites her lover home, and they give in to their desire. They want each other all night. She wants to fulfill his fantasies. The singer gets swept away by her desire for him.

“Come” is a seductive song about temptation. It serves as a reminder that people give in to desires. The steamy lyrics are perfect for couples ready for intimacy. It teaches you to give in to your desires and fantasies. The hypnotic dance track puts you in a sultry mood. It enables couples to enjoy their time on the dance floor. We challenge you not to move around to the energetic beat. The beat gets your heart pumping. Her vocals are sultry, and she proves why she’s the “Queen of Clubland.” She fuses gospel vocals with club music flawlessly. There’s nothing she can’t perform well. She hit a vocal home run with this song.

# 5 – I’m Not Coming Down

Coming in at the halfway point on our Top 10 Martha Wash Songs list is “I’m Not Coming Down.” It appears on the Something Good album. The song premiered in 2013. This song is about a woman struggling through tough times. Despite her tough times, she finds peace in her life. She realized when she asked for help, things got better. Since she rose above her problems, nothing brings her down.

“I’m Not Coming Down” depicts the feeling of personal growth. The song encourages you to find peace in life. It stresses the importance of seeking help when you need it. It is a track you listen to when you need help. If you face dark days, the lyrics mean more to you. It reminds you to go after what you want in life. We applaud Martha Wash for recording something people need in their lives. The sizzling beat keeps listeners from feeling depressed. It inspires you to dance. Martha Wash delivers once again. Her vocals soar over the booming beat with ease. We picked this track because it’s the perfect track when you need a pick-me-up.

# 4 – Keep on Jumpin’ Todd Terry ft. Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown

“Keep on Jumpin’” appears on Todd Terry’s album Ready for a New Day. It debuted in June 1996. The song talks about enjoying music and dancing. They want listeners to keep the party going. The singers urge listeners to dance and jump with enthusiasm. They want you to get lost in the music and the fun of dancing.

“Keep on Jumpin’” is an escapism from everyday life. Todd Terry, Martha Wash, and Jocelyn Brown encourage listeners to let loose and enjoy life. They convey the message that music has the power to make things better. Music brings people together. This song works for parties and clubs. During tough times, we need a reminder to enjoy life. This classic dance track has an infectious beat. It commands you to get on the dance floor. It’s hard being sad when you’re listening to this dance-friendly jam. Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown nail the vocals. The divas don’t hold back. They give each other room to shine. Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown shine like stars. They make the song come alive with their sizzling vocals.

# 3 – Catch the Light

The third track on our list is “Catch the Light.” It appears on The Collections album. The song hit the shelves in 1998. It’s about overcoming life’s challenges. She wants listeners to seize the moment and live life to the fullest. No matter how challenging your journey is, there is a glimmer of hope. You need to find the light and embrace it.

“Catch the Light” conveys the message of perseverance. The crowd-pleasing song teaches listeners about overcoming obstacles. Life is challenging, but things get better. Martha Wash wants listeners to explore their joy and excitement. “Catch the Light” has a positive message and strikes a chord with listeners going through tough times. This song is the encouragement we need to enjoy life. The energetic music has listeners dancing along. Her infectious vocals have listeners singing along with her. This song is for longtime fans and casual listeners of dance music. Martha Wash takes us to church with her sparkling voice. Only Martha Wash takes you to church while putting you on the dance floor.

# 2 – It’s Raining Men…The Sequel ft. RuPaul

The runner-up is “It’s Raining Men…The Sequel,” which appears on Martha Wash’s album, The Collection, and RuPaul’s album, Go-Go Box Classics. This single premiered in February 1998. It’s about finding your ideal partner. They describe the perfect mate for them. The description proves that good men come in all shapes and sizes. Men are like snowflakes. They differ from each other, and there’s someone for everyone.

“It’s Raining Men…The Sequel” is a fun song that celebrates the variety of men. If it sounds familiar, this is a remake of the Weather Girls’ hit single. Martha Wash remade this song with RuPaul. They breathe new life into the song. Just like the original, this song invites you to the dance floor. The message remains the same, but the music soars. Martha Wash takes on her role from the original version, while RuPaul assumes Izora Rhodes’ verse. Martha Wash’s vocals are almost indistinguishable from the original version. Her vocals are stellar. Martha Wash’s runs are flawless and leave you wanting more. RuPaul doesn’t live up to the standard Izora Rhodes set but does well. Martha Wash didn’t need a partner because her voice was all we needed. She kept the song a duet. We picked this song because it’s an updated version of the classic jam.

# 1 – Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) C+C Music Factory ft. Martha Wash and Freedom Williams

The number one song on our Top 10 Martha Wash Songs list is “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now).” The song appears on C+C Music Factory’s album, Gonna Make You Sweat. It premiered in 1990. The song is about having fun on the dance floor. Music moves people and makes them sweat. They want music to control you and make you dance.

“Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” is a party anthem designed for dancing. It transcends over time because people always want to dance. The song’s simple theme celebrates life and music. The lyrics convey the message that music has the power to unite people from all walks of life. Music brings joy to the world. This classic party song never gets old. Once you hear the song, you’re in a partying mood. When Martha Wash shouts, “Everybody dance now,” you recognize this song. This unstoppable beat fuses dance, house, and hip-hop music effortlessly. Martha Wash’s fiery lyrics add fuel to the fire. Her vocals make the song smoking hot. It’s hard to believe the group refused to give her credit for her phenomenal vocals. As soon as she begins, there’s no mistaking her voice. Freedom Williams’ rhymes work for the song. He sounds like Ice-T. Freedom Williams adds something to the song, but Martha Wash is the star.

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