Top 25 Coldplay Songs

Love them or loathe them, Coldplay has had quite a career spanning twenty plus years. Personally, I mostly love them. They have released a few of my all-time favorite albums over the last 20 years. Though I’ve been lukewarm toward their last 2-3 albums, I think they have a relatively strong catalogue, so just narrowing down a Top 25 songs was difficult. Here goes…

25. “Gravity” – (2005) – X&Y B-Side

Written by Coldplay but given to English band Embrace, I prefer the Coldplay version. It’s an X & Y era piano ballad, and a good one at that. Chilling late night vibes.

24. “Us Against the World” (2011) – Mylo Xyloto

Harkening back to the feel/moodiness of their debut, I’ve only come to love this song more over time.

23. “Strawberry Swing” (2008) – Viva La Vida

Playful in a way Coldplay never really had been up to this point, I love how “Strawberry Swing” brings a little levity to an overall serious/dark album.

22. “Something Just Like This” (2017) – The Chainsmokers & Coldplay Single

It’s a banger and a great car tune.

21. “Sunrise” (2019) – Everyday Life

Beautiful instrumental. Almost chose “Postcards From Far Away” instead, which is also a great peaceful instrumental.

20. “Politik” (2002) – Rush of Blood To The Head

Driving and urgent.

19. “Magic” (2014) – Ghost Stories

Finger snaps and a electronic beat make for a slinky love song.

18. “Death And All His Friends” (2008) – Viva La Vida

A rousing closer to their best overall album. These are my favorite lines…

“No, I don’t want a battle from beginning to endI don’t want a cycle of recycled revengeI don’t want to follow death and all of his friends”

17. “True Love” (2014) – Ghost Stories

The sour guitar solo that doesn’t quite meet pitch is my favorite touch to this sad tune. “Tell me you love me/And if you don’t just lie/just lie to me.”

16. “Shiver” (2000) – Parachutes

One of the more uptempo songs from their earlier catalog, I’m not certain they had a better indie-rock moment.

15. “Up In Flames” (2011) – Mylo Xyloto

I’m a sucker for ballads and this is another strong one. Falsetto aplenty.

14. “Lost!” (2008) – Viva La Vida

Hip-hop influenced pop. Surprising Swagger.

13. “Violet Hill” (2008) – Viva La Vida

Love the guitar riff here, and there is some pointed lyrics that ring ever true.

12. “Clocks” (2002) – Rush of Blood To The Head

The piano melody in this one is divine.

11. “Yellow” (2000) – Parachutes

The song that broke them big, I still like it.

10. “For You” (2000) – Shiver Single

A lesser known and very haunting single from early on.

9. “Sparks” (2000) – Parachutes

Mellow and chill. Such great vibe music for writing and late night study.

8. “Colortura” – (2021) Music of the Spheres

It’s an epic in every way.

7. “Viva La Vida” (2008) – Viva La Vida

What an incredibly catchy melody.

6. “Glass of Water” (2008) – Prospeckt March EP

So very good, the best song from the EP hands down. Wish they would have fit it on Viva the album but I understand why it was ultimately cut. I think.

5. “Paradise” (2011) – Mylo Xyloto

This was Coldplay’s Rafter-raising era and few songs outside of “Fix You” and “Viva” did it better than this one.

4. “The Scientist” (2002) – Rush Of Blood To The Head

Sad, mournful, sweet, emotive. I dig it still all these years later. “Nobody said it was easy/No one ever said it would be this hard”

3. “Trouble” (2000) – Parachutes

More piano-led balladry and a fine tune it is.

2. “Fix You” (2005) – X & Y

Almost my #1, this somewhat cheesy lyric is outshone but such an uplifting build that’s near heavenly.

1. “In My Place” (2002) – Rush of Blood To The Head

Their most perfect song.

As you can probably tell from my list, my favorite Coldplay albums are certainly Viva, Parachutes, and Rush of Blood—with X & Y and Mylo Xylotorounding out my Top 5. After album 6 (Ghost Stories) the band loses me as far as complete albums go, and they become a hit-or-miss song-by-song band. I just haven’t enjoyed the poppier, electronic stylings near as much, and their lyrics within were never world class, have gotten so generic/banal that it’s hard to not roll my eyes. They still know how to write a catchy earworm tune though. All in all, they have a solid B- catalogue for me so far…

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